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Snappy Turken Farm specializes in a unique breed called the naked neck or Turken. They produce a gene that limits the amount of feathers on this breed of chickens neck, much like a turkey. They are a purebred chicken.

We also provide select breeds for the newest craze of owning your own back yard flock of birds. For Example some of the breeds are Buff or White Orpingtons Speckled Sussex, Silver Laced Wynadottes, Light Brahmas, Araucanas, these are the best layers and sellers.

Snappy Turken Farm has been providing city or urban chickens, as backyard flocks for the past 4 years. 2011 has been our busiest providing over 300 birds this year. We have many Colorado customers all over the state enjoying our birds since 2007. Many cities/town in Colorado are allowing city flocks of chickens and ducks.

Regardless if you live throughout Colorado, South East Wyoming, Western Nebraska or North West Kansas. We can provide you with pullets, pre-layers and occasionally laying hens.

All chicks come fully vaccinated for mercks, cocci and are from Certified NPIP flocks for pullorum. Snappy Turken Farm is Certified NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan).

We have a small farm with less then 50 birds. Snappy Turken Farm believes in quality vs quantity.
Our farm beliefs: Or you could say our (farm guidelines).
We treat our animals with love and respect.
We don’t kill our birds, they are specifically raised for eggs and pets.
They help maintain our environment by eating noxious weeds,broad leaf, grasses and bugs.
We protect our birds against predators with preventative, management, & natural detterants.
Our farm never use sprays or chemicals to control pests and weeds, nor antibiotics or hormones that would be harmful to our birds.
Our birds are Free Range, Cage Free, No Fences


NPIP Certified CO - 114

Proud member of the following clubs:

American Poultry Association
International Waterfowl Breeders Association
Silicin Buttercup Club of America
Colorado Poultry Association
Rocky Mtn Feather Fanciers
Rocky Mtn Pheasant and Waterfowl - Bird Swap Meet – Brighton Colorado Nov 10th 2013
All natural & organic spices
Muddy Marsh Labradors
Reliv International

Gary & Diane Webster
59514 CR. 14
Holyoke, CO 80734
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